“ Welcome to Elements at Home.”

During the early days of the COVID-19 lockdowns we began to refine what was really important to us.  
For us it always comes back to enjoying real food, made by hand. No pretenses, no preservatives, no additives.  
Simple, good food, that nourishes the soul and the body, shared with friends and family.

We also took time to think about others around New Zealand that might share the same values and love this land as much as we do.  
Recently we've sought out like-minded producers, who either through adversity or passion, have developed beautiful products that we love.  

On Friday 3rd October we opened our new retail store in our back room

Over the coming months we will profile each of the producers we are stocking, sharing their stories and why we love their products.  
Keep an eye out for tasters and testers when it’s a food story!

We love the transformation (there's more to come...) and hope that you will too.
Pop into the back room when you're next here, say hi and have a look around.

You may even find a little bit of Elements you can take home with you...